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BCN Global provides next-generation sales performance solutions that deliver results, built on proven accredited best practices and decades of expertise.

Our mission is to enable sales professionals to deliver compelling and differentiated value to clients, while maximizing profit.

Sales Compass™ suite of solutions and services empower organizations to realize sales potential and win more deals!

Coming Soon - DEAL Navigator™, our cloud and mobile enabled digital sales coach enables sales teams to increase competitiveness by tailoring strategies backed by powerful data.

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Delivering Next Generation Sales Performance Solutions

Sales quota attainment is on the decline! CSO Insights, a leading sales research organization, cites a decrease from 63% in 2012 to 53% in 2016.

In research conducted by BCN Global and echoed by industry experts, B2B sales professionals have less selling time than before. Social selling is changing the sales landscape and the way clients engage vendors. Customers conduct more research and engage much later in the buying process, further eroding selling time.

Less selling time leads to increased reactivity and price pressure, resulting in lower margins and less wins. The window of opportunity to differentiate and create value is now narrower. When there's no differentiation, we cannot win.

We deliver innovative solutions to maximize sales performance and empower sales professionals to:

  • Pursue and Win the right deals
  • Create compelling differentiators tailored to client needs
  • Maximize selling time focusing on the right priority
  • Navigate complex deals with informed tactical and strategic decisions that accelerate sales.
  • Disengage from bad deals, quickly
  • Elevate relationship value and continuously prove credibility

Our Solutions - Sales Compass™ Suite

We are practitioners first! Solutions are customized to your needs, built by experts with proven accredited sales practices and experience. We leverage technology and decades of expertise across a network of experts in Asia to enable sales excellence.

Sales Compass™ System delivers sales performance solutions complemented by services in:

  • Consulting: A Sales System Readiness Assessment will help us both to identify your priorities.
  • Design and development: Sales System solution comprising Methodology, processes and competencies roadmap
  • Enablement:
    • Training: Get ahead in sales with our "Navigating Influence" Series of program to navigate complex sales and client engagements. Program is highly customized to suit your business practices.
    • Coaching: Enable leaders to accelerate team sales productivity with proven coaching methodologies.
  • Technology: Empower the sales teams to win more with a digital sales coach when and where you need it.
  • Sales Intelligence: Gain powerful sales insights that complements and leverage your sales data.

We partner global technology, CRM, Sales Process and Analytics corporations to bring the best sales system solutions

Coming Soon - DEAL Navigator™ - Our cloud and mobile enabled Digital Coach empowers front line sales teams to successfully navigate complex deals.

Contact us to explore how The DEAL Navigator can immediately increase your win rate!

Our Approach

We apply a proven 4-step Formula to achieve Sales Transformation Success

Check Sales Performance Readiness

Chaos is constant. To better respond to dynamic changes in business environments, we will help you get a better picture of where you're headed in sales. Receive personal and team insights into Sales System Readiness, Sales Force Readiness, Sales Eco-System health, along with other valuable data to prioritize resources and energy.

Align your goals

Often, performance initiatives are driven independently by multiple functions with different goals. Misalignment between and within initiatives, goals and owners form huge barriers preventing success.

Sales Compass™ Readiness Assessment identifies synergies and blind spots to better prepare for sales transformation. We helped a client increase sales just by tweaking the sales metrics followed by enablement.

Chart your course

Every sales landscape is different because your solutions, sales team readiness and goals are different. We will help you design and execute a sales transformation and improvement strategy that is achievable with clear milestones and metrics.


Without execution, vision is just another word for "hallucination". Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle Corporation.

Execution is the last hurdle to ensure returns on the investments made in planning and charting the course. When clients are focused on outcome and not merely activities, they are guaranteed a higher return.

What are your Sales Performance Priorities?

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